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VISIONE Screen Product Line


Fixed Frame Model:PremioAcoustic
- EX: Flat
- CX: Curved

Multi Aspect Ratio Masking Model:VarioAcoustic Multi

Aspect Ratio:
- Video: 16:9, 1.85:1
- CinemaScope: 2.35 ~ 2.4:1
- Others: customization to your requirements.

from 80” ~ 300” (16:9), 80” ~ 240” (2.35:1)

  CineOne™ Screen Fabric :CineOne™ with THX certification

THX certified and patent-pending weaving pattern with maximum light reflection and audio pass-through.

  VisionLux™ Frame: VisionLux™ absolute black anti-reflection flannelette Frame

Deluxe over sized velvet screen frame that absorbs the over-scan light beam and side reflections.

  Black Backing Material : Anti-reflection fabric for CineOne™

This eliminates potential reflection from metallic items behind the screen, such as speakers, and can also be used when the wall behind the frame is not in dark colors.

The black backing layer is even more acoustically transparent than the projection fabric and attenuates the sound minimally and evenly across the full audio frequency spectrum.

  ImprezaSnap™ : Framing method

Patented screen frame structure and framing method that ensures super flatness on screen.


( Visione PremioAcoustic EX Series AT
Fixed-Frame Screen ) size:80"-240" (16:9)

(Visione PremioAcoustic EX Series AT
Fixed-Frame Screen ) size:80"-300" (2.35:1)

( Visione VarioAcoustic Multi Series AT
Masking Screen ) size:80"-240" (16:9 Change to 2.35:1)



( Visione PremioAcoustic CX Series AT
Curved Fixed-Frame Screen ) size:80"-240" (16:9) ,80"-300" (2.35:1)

( Visione VarioAcoustic Multi Series AT
Curved Masking Screen ) size:80"-300" (2.35:1 Change to 16:9)


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